Best SEO Training Courses Institute in Delhi

What You Will Learn Here During Search Engine Optimization Classes

Understand what it'll go for build your web site rank higher on Google

Using easy SEO terms, discover the ways that search engines use to evaluate your web site and choose which websites should rank higher

Learn how to unlock the top keywords for your website

Discover the best keywords your customers and competitors are using and the way to push your web site to the top ten of Google for those keywords.

Learn how to beat your competitors on Google

Analyse however your top-level competitors achieved their outstanding Google ranking to find out from their strategy

Discover a way to optimise your pages for Google

Learn how to form your web content look relevant to Google for the search terms your customers are literally using

Discover a way to get links from high-quality sites

Learn the most effective ways for obtaining different websites to link to your web site to realize additional traffic and improve your visibility on Google

See how Social Media will be used to improve your Google ranking

Ununderstand way to use sites like Facebook and Twitter effectively to boost your visibility on Google

Discover the most effective SEO Tools to form SEO easier and quicker

Discover the most effective SEO tools to assist you intend a good Search marketing strategy

Learn how to convert a lot of on-line users into sales

Learn how to extend your conversion rate by improving the design, content and usefulness of your web site

Includes a full appraisal of your web site

Get an in depth analysis of your web site with easy-to-follow recommendations to spice up your Google rankings and on-line sales

Learn books-iconhow to develop an SEO Strategy and an idea of Action

Learn how to make an easy, set-by-step arrange to place your new SEO skills to best use

Learn how to optimize your web site for the Google and other search engines. using a sensible step-by-step approach, author Rakesh Dabhodiya can lead you thru the method of search engine optimization. At the end of this course you'll know how to setup the mandatory Google accounts, you'll know how to dissect the websites of your competitors and establish the key parameters that area unit responsible for their high ranking, you'll be able to establish what you would like to incorporate in your own website in order that you rank above your competitors, you'll be able to specify your web site design needs and monitor the results of your campaigns.

Course of Content For SEO Classes in Delhi

Our Core and Advanced Syllabus, featuring 10-standalone modules, delivered in 7-intensive days

Module 1: Ranking Factors

Discover the best keywords your customers and competitors are using and the way to push your web site to the top ten of Google for those keywords.

  1. Analysing, Collecting and Ranking Website Data
  2. Structuring Websites for Search Engine Spiders
  3. Optimizing Pages for Indexing and Ranking on search engines
  4. Using Long-Tail Search keywords
  5. Reporting Competitor Spam
  6. Avoiding Black-Hat Techniques

Module 2: Keyword Selection

Learn how to collect, organize and  analyse  keyword research data.

  1. Selecting Keywords
  2. Analysing Competitor Websites
  3. Compiling a Keyword Dictionary
  4. Forecasting Traffic
  5. Forecasting Return-On-Investment

Module 3: Page OptimiZation

Learn how to optimize important on-page ranking factors.

  1. Optimizing URL Names
  2. Optimizing Heading Tags
  3. Optimizing Page Title Tags
  4. Optimizing Paragraph Tags
  5. Optimizing Meta Description Tags
  6. Optimizing Bullet Points
  7. Optimizing Link Anchor Text
  8. Optimizing Image Captions
  9. Optimizing Image Names
  10. Optimizing Title Attributes
  11. Optimizing Alt Attributes
  12. Handling Duplicate Content
  13. When to Use Meta Keyword Tags
  14. Avoiding Content Violations and Penalization
  15. Writing Search Engine Friendly Content

Module 4: Link Building

Learn how to boost important off-page ranking factors and optimize your digital marketing.

  1. Link Building Best Practices
  2. Building High Quality Links
  3. Building Inbound Traffic with Discussion Forums
  4. Building Inbound Traffic with Social Media
  5. Building Inbound Traffic with Review Sites
  6. Building Inbound Traffic with Directories
  7. Building Inbound Traffic with Video Blogging

Module 5: Google Search Console

Learn how to set-up and use the Google Webmaster Tool.

  1. Setting-up the Google Webmaster tool
  2. Setting-up an XML Sitemap
  3. Setting-up a Robots.Txt File
  4. Using the Google Search Console
  5. How to improve website errors
  6. How to delete the crawl errors
  7. Managing HTML Improvements
  8. How to index a link fast
  9. How to remove a link from google search
  10. Canonical issues

Module 6: Structuring Websites

Learn how to structure your website for local, national and international searches.

  1. Planning with a Graphical Sitemaps
  2. Structuring Websites for International Search
  3. Structuring Websites for National Search
  4. Structuring Websites for Local Search
  5. Creating Search Engine Friendly Links
  6. Structuring Your Blog
  7. Structuring Websites for Product Searches
  8. Deploying Common Structural Tools
  9. Running Special Campaigns
  10. Maintaining Page Rank with 301 Redirects

Module 7: Technology Optimisation

Learn how to test your website infrastructure and what to do if there are problems.

  1. Running Page Speed Tests
  2. Running Mobile Friendly Tests
  3. Monitoring Server Performance
  4. Testing SSL Certificates
  5. Choosing the Best Domain Name
  6. Selecting High Performance Servers

Module 8: Google Analytics

Learn how to monitor important ranking factors with Google Analytic.

  1. Monitoring Dwell Times
  2. Usability Key Performance Indicators
  3. Monitoring User Engagement
  4. Monitoring Bounce Rates
  5. Testing Mobile Usability with Google Chrome
  6. Testing Usability with Google Experiments

Module 9: Analysing Competitor Websites

Learn how to recompile and reverse engineer high ranking competitor websites.

  1. Testing and Pinging Competitor Servers
  2. Decompiling Competitor Web Pages
  3. Decompiling Competitor Site Structures
  4. Estimating Relevant Page Counts
  5. Estimating the Size of Competitor Websites
  6. Estimating External Link Counts

Module 10: SEO Project Management

Learn how to manage SEO projects and deliver high quality results, on-time and at the agreed budget.

  1. How to get a project from the market
  2. Commitment with client
  3. Keword Result timing on search engines
  4. Setting SEO Goals
  5. Using a Content Matrix
  6. Implimenting the SEO Project Model
Scope of SEO Training

Scope Of SEO Training

Know about the power of Search Engine Optimization. What can be your future?

For SEO Training Courses in Delhi Call Rakesh 8930 888 666 or visit

Digital marketing has a huge scope within the field of net Development. until the online live promotion lives. we've got tried to compile the assorted places wherever the requirement for SEO trained person continually there. See what our SEO training is useful to you and convey modification in your work profile.

Our Digital Marketing Training Course will turn you into a specialist Digital Marketer & you'll get employed by any company an organization deals into on-line business.

You will get employment as an SEO expert in thousands of companies who are searching for an permanent Digital Marketing Experts.
You will avail an ability which will cause you to begin your own company or work as a freelancer. Freelancer may be a smart business in its own sense, that may generate financial gain from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 50000 per month from one client.
After our SEO training course, there are opportunities to be employed as a SEO expert or as a Social Media Manager
You can even get employed as a social media manager or PPC professional when our SEO coaching course.
Become an expert and may earn megabucks by turning into an area of supposed programs like Google AdSense and affiliate marketing when doing our SEO and internet marketing coaching course.

Why to choose Our SEO and Digital Marketing Training Course Institute in Delhi?

We are the sole one Institute who give on-line and physical classes for Digital Marketing in India. this is often the foremost generic question that comes in anyone’s mind - Why to travel for Our coaching Programs. Our answer is – you're within the hands of best digital marketing training course in Delhi, wherever you're given coaching on live projects, that produce real results, and wherever at each step you'll monitor your work and performances. you'll be within the hands of well experienced internet marketing specialists, whose expertise of eight to ten years during this field has created a whole concrete platform. As your training stats, you'll be learning step by step and implementing all of your learning’s. on live project.
Get the details of Our coaching Programs

There are numerous coaching courses that are on the market with us.

1. SEO - Master certificate in Digital marketing Training

SEO Master Certification Program causes you to expert in SEO field and you become capable of functioning on any web site severally. Simply put, this is often a crash course all told things search. Its purpose is to bring you fully up to hurry ... able to SEO a web site's presence with the passion that comes from knowing precisely what you're doing ....

2. Digital marketing coaching Course (SEO + SEM + SMM)

Digital marketing educational program provides you an exposure in search engine marketing (SEM) & social media marketing (SMM) along side Advanced SEO course. obtaining experience in one course and gaining information in different is often advantageous then simply learning a single course.

3. Complete internet marketing training module

This course includes SEO + SEM + SMM + Blogging + AdSense + Affiliate marketing. who are often higher than you, once you acquire the information all told the on top of fields and turning into a true expert.

We have our experience all told these fields and may teach you net marketing like nobody. this is often a whole course for those that are searching for a whole net digital training + marketing course. The course includes blogging, affiliate marketing, Adsense. This SEO training is additionally useful for those that are searching for some additional income along with their 9-5 job.

Yes, we give 100% job assistance to students through

Students / Housewives / Graduates / Employed / Business persons or anyone else who has a desire to build his career, and has a working knowledge of computers can take admission in the Digital Marketing Courses, and embark on a bright career.

All the companies are trying to increase their online visibility to get more customers. For getting their websites promoted, they are establishing their own Internet Marketing Teams. Thus they need Internet Marketing professionals. As more and more businesses are jumping into the fray, the demand for SEO professionals is increasing by the day. Some students after taking training in Internet Marketing, also set up their own consultancies to give SEO services to small and medium enterprises.

Yes, we give certificates on successful completion of any of our Internet Marketing Course.

We offer many different courses for Internet Marketing. Classes are conducted in two categories – two hours a day for four days a week (Monday to Thursday), and Weekend Classes for four hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. Online courses are conducted for students from far flung areas. Flexi batches are also available to suit special needs of students.

SEO Training Institute has one of the finest faculty to teach SEO Course as well as complete internet marketing courses. Our team of professionals consists of qualified (MBA/B.Tech/MCA) and certified instructors and trainers who have a penchant for imparting the best education in the field of Digital Marketing.

SEO training Institute conducts courses for coaching in complete internet marketing, whereby students are tutored the functioning of Search Engines and every one alternative aspects of internet marketing through customized mentoring. This learning is reinforced by providing sensible coaching to students on live projects. various study programmes have been designed to satisfy the particular needs of students.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) could be a method, by implementing that a web site ranks higher once searched on numerous Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. because the web site is ranked higher, it grabs the eye of the visitant, resulting in higher hits, that eventually rework into additional enquiries/orders, therefore harnessing additional revenues. Simply put, SEO is inevitable for any business because it will get additional returns and profits for it.

Key Factors

Key factors of our Training classes in Delhi

We provide a free PDF Training Certificate that you can post on LinkedIn or use to redeem CPD credits if your scheme allows

We guarantee to never change the training date

We guarantee to never change the training location.

We guarantee to run every course. Even if only one person books.

This is a small seminar styled course and we guarantee to never exceed 8-people per class.

All of our classrooms have bright natural daylight and are equipped with comfortable seating and desks.

Our Training center is immediately opposite V3S Mall ( in front of Nirman Vihar Metro Station ). Nirman Vihar Metro Station is less than a 5-minutes walk away. Alternatively, training centre is less than 700-metres away from Laxmi Nagar Metro station and 500-meters from the Heera Sweets.

What People Say About Our Course?

Manoj Desai (Gurgaon, Haryana): I will rate this course of Digital Marketing 10 out of 10. Seriously. I am really happy to be a part of SEO Training Institute in Gurgaon. Mr. Rakesh is one of the best tutor, I found in my life. He help me so much. I have learnt many new techniques of SEO. Now I am feeling much better as compared to my previous life because one year ago I was just earning 25K to 30K but by adding this extra skill in my job profile there is almost 200% increment in my monthly revenue. All this happen just within a year. Galaxy e Mind is a great initiative. I wish all the best to Galaxy e Mind.

Rohan Gupta ( Noida, Uttar Pradesh ): I have just completed this course and have to say that it's one of the best SEO and Digital Marketing Course in Noida. There have been so many discussions as already discussed that if you need to find any helpto something, just go and type for your topic in discussion forums, and I am 100% sure it will come up.

Videos are of good quality and almost to the point 100% based on real life practical topics  the professor has a good style of delivery of video and audio presentation. I like this course very much because many of us never got the SEO Classes like these where we got the all guidance about interviews and job skills. I learned so many new concepts in regards to Search Engine Optimization that I didn't know before so it was time well-spent!