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A Brief of our expertise

Its the term that is used in the current electronic media where we use internet and promote our services and products not only in India but through out the world. it is a very precious gift to us by which we promote our business by different type of Technics using internet. We teach many more topics and Technics while preparing you for digital marketing. Being an expert in in the field of digital media we always use latest technology and terms provided by market expert Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Yandex, Guru, Freelancer, Odest, Upwork, etc.


We are well known market expert in digitization, so many students and professionals are taught every year by us. What you learn in our offline or online classes make you sure that you may be the next digital marketing expert for SEO Training Delhi. Our classes are for both students and professionals, if you wish you can take regular classes from Monday to Friday or weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday. You can also go for alternate classes in our Delhi Institute.

Our Professional trainers have more than 5 years of experience and ability to resolve all your queries as per the requirement. Digital marketing has been become the best marketing tool by which you can advertise any of your services or product without planning any journey from your home. It is an open tool for all, by using it any one can get in touch with the entire world just in few seconds, its doesn’t matter where you are. You can sell your brand just with in minutes and expose it into the world of digital platform.

Who Can be A Digital Marketing Expert?


  1. Freshers, graduates, post graduates even doctorate degree holders who are looking to make their future in online advertising and marketing.
  2. Get preference over the degree holders while facing interviews.
  3. Get a competitive edge over peers.
  4. fast growing industry over the past decades.


  1. Working with professionals whether they are from IT or other sectors you will get preference, always there
  2. Highlight your resume with this extraordinary skill
  3. Better promotion chances
  4. Be a multi talented professional in the industry
  5. Become a freelancer and start your own business in this internet world. you can get projects online.


  1. If you are a business owners and don’t want to rely on employees give new heights to your business
  2. Get more business leads using online techniques.
  3. Increase online presence of your brand.
  4. Brand Creation and management.


  1. Be your own boss
  2. Start your own online business
  3. Get hired by number of International companies
  4. Create your strong profile on o desk, Upwork, freelancer, guru, indeed and many more

Digital Marketing Training Modules Overview

1. Digital Marketing Training a Brief Introduction

Through the live project based training we will explain what it means by Digital world and how can you be a master in this world of competition. we will share some real life experience, trends, stats and characteristics of internet marketing.

  1. Digital vs traditional marketing
  2. Key concepts and main features
  3. Characteristics and Digital Marketing Strategies
  4.  Case Studies, Stats, Trends & Real Life Experience

2. Website Creation and Planning

Are you will to show your online presence if yes then you need a website, a website is set of integral informative pages that contain what type of industry you belong to, Whats your aim, what do you want to display on internet about you. Digital Marketing is not only a medium where you advertise your products or services but its a place also where users show their interest in your brand, they describe your brand as per their own opinion, they can leave negative or positive both type of reviews in the market about your industry so before planning to develop a website keep in mind that you are going to provide a user friendly and easy reachable website. Your website must contain all the information about its industry for an example if your website is a Hotel or Restaurant website then you must display your menu as per google latest Technics. In another example if you are a book publisher then you must publish your website descriptions also like Edition, Author, Book Type, Pricing, No. of pages it contain, Delivery type, location where you can reached and many more. What you will get in here:

  1. WordPress website development
  2. Basic WordPress Installation
  3. Domain Registration
  4. Creating Hosting Account
  5. Brief Introduction of HTML, CSS, Java Script and PHP
  6. Static and Dynamic Website
  7. CRM Software
  8. SEO Friendly Design Selection
  9. Content limit on a Web page
  10. How to connect  a domain with hosting
  11. Uploading website on server
  12. Use of FTP
  13. How to create an email account on your personal domain
  14. Brief introduction of top domain and hosting providers like Godaddy, Znet India, Host Gator, net4, Blue Host etc.
  15. How to open a resseler domain and hosting account online

3.  Search Engine Optimization

Getting traffic on website related to its business through google organic promotion is know as search engine optimization or in short form SEO. When we search anything on a search engine and we found some websites are on the top of the search result, these results may change from time to time. It depends upon the search engine’s algorithm whether it is Google, Yahoo, MSN,  Yandex, Baidu or Youtube. Every search engine has its own algorithms, rules and regulations, depending upon their predefined terms they display the results. SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing Training. the rules and regulations of all search engines keep changes every month or two but they always make some amend in their rules as per the market requirement that can affect your website result in search more or less. to get the latest information about these updates keep in touch with there blogs and news in the market. What we are going to teach in brief about Search Engine Optimization is as follows:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Planning
  3. Meta Title Optimization
  4. Meta Keyword Optimization
  5. Meta Description Optimization
  6. Content Management System
  7. Intellectual linking of the Keywords
  8. Article Strength
  9. Article Writing Strategies
  10. Blog Creation Activity
  11. Forum posting
  12. SEO Friendly Website Design  Creation
  13. WordPress vs Other Website Development for SEO
  14. Page Limit Size
  15. Canonical Issues
  16. E commerce Website Promotion
  17. Hotel and Restaurant Website Promotion Strategies
  18. Major Off Page and On page SEO Technics
  19. SEO Strategy for Big Data websites like property, directory,  matrimonial, e commerce etc.
  20. Google Map or Google places optimization
  21. Sitemap Creation in HTML and XML format
  22. Advance Webmaster tutorial tips
  23. Google Analytics Setup
  24. Setting Geographical area like local or International
  25. Social Bookmarking
  26. Directory Submission
  27. Press Release
  28. Forum Posting
  29. Alexa Ranking
  30. Google ranking
  31. Search Engine Crawlers
  32. Search Engine Robots
  33. How to remove HTML Improvements error
  34. Google Search Trends local and International
  35. RSS Feeds
  36. Do-follow and no-follow tags
  37. How to Recover a website from Google penalty

4. PPC ( Pay Per Click Management)

While going into the field of online advertising media, PPC is the main requirement of advertisers. It enables a huge business to an organization. Often we see, when we search anything on google or any other search engine it shows some sponsored results on the top of the organic search or in the right side of the search, that is paid advertisement, it is call PPC. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it means search engine shows our adds on top of the result and when someone click on these sponsored links, Google or other search engine that we prefer deduct the amount from our bank integrated account. This amount depend on the competition of the keyword and company bidding rules and regulations. Google is one of the top and best market leader in PPC as compared to other like Facebook, Yahoo or Twitter. below is some points which you will learn after this module:

  1. Key Concepts of Pay Per Click (PPC)
  2. Overview of Microsoft advertisement
  3. Google Adwords Management and Strategy
  4. Yahoo and Bing Search Marketing
  5. Account Setting
  6. Budget setting
  7. Keyword Research
  8. Keyword Selection
  9. Low, Medium and High competition keyword combination
  10. Keyword based bidding setup
  11. Search Campaign Process
  12. Add Writing Techniques
  13. Place Targeting
  14. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Latest Strategy
  15. Campaign Management
  16. Budget Scheduling
  17. Conversion Tracking
  18. Analytics Setup
  19. Keyword Performance
  20. CTR, CPM, RPM
  21. Goal Setting
  22. Performance Tracking with Google Analytics
  23. Reporting and Analysis

5.  Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the process in which we send a small advertisement through email to our registered or non registered clients. It is basically a very cheap advertising solution for all, big brands like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Naukri, 99Acre and many more send their promotional emails on daily basis to their regular or non registered customers. Everything, that is  new in your bag, reached to your customers just within some seconds and your sale booms like a dream. Everybody open their email once or twice may be more in a months and when he sees the things related to his daily needs, he jumped on it and want to know all about it and click on the email matter, he will be redirect to the sponsored website and will get information about that particular service or product. If he like it then there may be a chance of lead conversion. Please go through the matter below what you will learn after this module completion:

  1. Best Email Practices
  2. Key Concepts of email Marketing
  3. Email Template Design
  4. Email Subject Title
  5. Campaign Process
  6. Email Content Matter
  7. Email Images
  8. Link building in email content
  9. Email Structure
  10. Email System
  11. Email Delivery System
  12. Lead Conversion
  13. Email Opening Report
  14. Email Spam Report
  15. How to Avoid Email From Spam
  16. Key Terms and Metrics
  17. Laws and Guides
  18. Email Disclaimer

6. Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is a process in which you can send millions of promotional or transitional  SMS just on a click through website. now a days SMS Marketing is very reliable and more powerful tool for advertisement. Often schools, colleges, companies and organizations send their news letter and other informative short message to their students or clients. Like a school willing to inform the parents about home work, school function or parents teacher meeting, they use SMS. SMSs are often of two types first one is transitional and second one is promotional. After completion of this module you will be familiar with below given terms:

  1. Transitional SMS
  2. Promotional SMS
  3. How to Create a group
  4. Scheduling
  5. Uses of Transnational SMS
  6. Uses of Promotional SMS
  7. How to Create an eye catching SMS content
  8. Lead Generation Process through Multimedia
  9. How to Create a Whats app group
  10. How to make content viral on whats app
  11. Voice SMS Matter development
  12. Uses of Short code and long code

7.  Search Engine Algorithms

Google and other search engines always change their algorithms. We will teach all about major search engines but as per an online survey we can say that google is the Master of Search Engine in the world so below is some stats about the usage of Search Engines:

Google Global: 73.02%

Bing: 9.26%

Baidu: 8.74%

Yahoo Global: 7.07%

Ask Global: 0.27%

AOL: 0.10%

Excite Global: 0.01%

So after going through the above stats we can say that we should follow google Algorithm primarily. below is some google updates which you will learn in this module:

  1. Why Search Engine Create Algorithms
  2. Different type of Search Engine Algorithms
  3. Google Penguin Algorithm
  4. Google Panda Algorithm
  5. Google Humming Bird Algorithm
  6. Google EMD Algorithm
  7. Google Caffeine Algorithm
  8. Search Engine News

8.  Social Media Marketing

Social Media Optimization  ( SMO ) is another integral part of this course where you will learn how to generate traffic and leads from social media websites. but first of all question raise, what is Social Media Optimization or SMO? In today’s world there are so many websites on the internet where we can post anything white content and share it to a number of peoples and groups without any cost. We can discuss, make argument and comment on anybody services or page. we can send and receive friend request also and chat for business purpose or for entertainment with so many people. There are so many Social Portal on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Delicious, and many more.

What you will learn in this module is as follows:

  1. What is Social Media?
  2. Facebook Profile Creation
  3. Twitter Profile Creation
  4. Google+ Account Setup
  5. Importance of Social Media Marketing for Online Promotion
  6. Type of Social Media and Internet Networking Websites
  7. Creating an eye catching Facebook page
  8. Business Promotion on Facebook
  9. Facebook Page like Strategy
  10. Adding Fan your website
  11. Joining More Facebook groups to draw unlimited traffic
  12. Commenting and sharing friends post and pages
  13. What type of Website Twitter is?
  14. Importance of twitter in Social Media and Digital Marketing Training
  15. Twitter Business page and profile creation
  16. How to post a Professional Twit
  17. How to get more followers on your profile or page
  18. How to boom Twitter page in google organic search
  19. YouTube Video marketing
  20. Google plus page promotion
  21. LinkedIn Profile setup
  22. Joining the professional Groups on LinkedIn

9.  Online Reputation Management

This is what we get from our customer after selling services or products. What type of products or services your selling it doesn’t matter, the only thing that does matter is your service/product quality and reliability. If you are looking a good customer line for business then you must have to get positive reviews because a positive comment always pays you more and a negative review can  make your sell lesser. That is what you will have to study and work on it. Here you will study:

  1. What is Online Reputation Management ( ORM )?
  2. How to get Positive reviews?
  3. How to optimize reviews?
  4. How to Manage ORM?
  5. Reviews Reply section