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Today is the era of technology in which you can get each and everything even at your 10 x 10 room by just through the internet but there are many things that depends on the Google search result as well. Google is one of the most reliable and most popular search engine in this world of internet technology. People believe on Google search results and they select company from their and make many orders for their livelihood or business. But these Google search results are not common every time because they keep changing time to time depending on Google strategy and the individual company’s promotional activities called Digital Marketing. It is a process in which you can promote your website or blog online through many internet activities all these include in our Digital Marketing Training Course.

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Our Digital Marketing Training includes all that useful modules which you need to learn from website creation to social media. There are a number of modules which covers all your queries regarding your web promotion activities.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course Features at a glance given below:


  • 90% Practicals : Case Study on Live Portals and Projects.

  • You can grow your business up to a Double level or more with Internet Marketing.

  • Make your Social Media presence worldwide and learn how to optimize it.

  • Increase visitors to your website and convert your web traffic into business leads.

  • Grow up your FUTURE & Empower yourself for a better job be a part of Digital Marketing Training Institute Delhi and grab all the opportunities.

  • Be an expert in managing Digital Strategies through several live projects.

  • Run Campaigns independently.

  • How To Attract Customers, Leads and Sales Using The Power Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Training Modules and Fee:

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO): Whenever we plan to make our presence online we need to develop a website or a blog and then we will have to start online promotion. SEO is the first that you will have to keep it in your mind that without it everything is nothing. Because whenever we plan to promote our website through digital marketing strategies, we need SEO first. SEO is a part of digital marketing training in which we will have to develop such websites that have the following specialties like 100 percent SEO and mobile friendly, User friendly website interface, Good ratio of content as compared to HTML, Less use of Java Script and CSS and many more.

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In brief we can say SEO is the process when someone search any of the keyword related to our website and search engine display most relevant results related to to those keywords is call Search Engine Optimization or we can say SEO.

This Module of Digital Marketing Course includes the below given points:

1.    Importance of Internet Marketing.

2.    On Page SEO Techniques

3.    Off Page SEO Activities

4.    Image Tag Optimization

5.    Keyword Research and Analysis

6.    Google Search Console

7.    Google Analytics

8.    Link Building Strategies

9.    Reports and Managements

Social Media Marketing Course

SMO Training Courses includes the Social Media Optimization, Twitter Training, Linkedin, Facebook power of Social Media via TWITTER, FACEBOOK the leading social media tools !
How social media help in website promotion and getting web based strategies like : PR, Marketing, Sales, Product Testing, Customer Service, Market Survey.

There are long lists of Social Websites on which we teach web promotion, Some of them are as follows Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Delicious, Slide Share and many more.

Now a days brand promotion and lead generation through these social websites is very common. If you want to promote your brand or product through world wide then these social sites are the only cheap and best digital marketing resource. We can sale or promote our product anywhere in this world technology. Digital Marketing is the only source by which we can reach to any people any where in world what ever the geographical area he/she has. All these websites are everywhere in this world.

SMO Includes the below given point that we are going to tell you in detail, which will help you in your digital marketing campaigns

  • What is Social Media Optimization
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Slideshare Marketing
  • Piterest Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Google Plus Marketing

Google Adwords OR Pay Per Click Course Highlight:


Google Adwords is a service offered by Google in which anyone can advertise its business on the top of the Google search results, It is also called Pay Per Click Advertisement or PPC. In this era of Digital Marketing Google offers best opportunities to grow up your business whether you are a startup company or 20 years old it doesn’t matter for Google, It treat both same who bids maximum will be on the top of the search result.

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Often we see when we search something on Google, we type some keywords their and Google show the related companies results immediately but before these result we see some Google advertisement called Adwords.

PPC Training in Delhi
How Google PPC Boom the business and what roll play in Digital Marketing

Google display maximum 4 results as Ads and then organic results ( These are the promoted web pages which Google crawler pick from its crawl history, which is already indexed by Google Crawler. There is no fixed rule for Google organic search top results but one thing is clear as I am seeing since last 2 years that is content. You must have unique and quality content on your web pages then your website will definitely rank high on Google organic search result  )

What PPC Training Include in our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi?

  • Effective Ad groups and result oriented ads creation
  • Standard Reporting
  • Network Campaign Display Management
  •  Landing Page Creation and Set Up
  • Keyword Research for Campaign
  • Keyword Bidding System
  • 100 percent Support and assistance for Google Adwords Certification Exam.
  • Geo Targeting
  • Add Schedule

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  1. Dear Sir, Please guide me as I saw in Google search result there are so many good websites which are ranking very well on Google and other search engines. But my question is this how these websites are in Google top search results on multiple keywords, moreover the only home page. We try so many keywords on Google but we found some constant result on every related keyword. Please how to do these things?

    1. Thanks for writing us Abhishek, your three line question covered most of digital marketing training so if you know about social media we can say posting, sharing and tagging on Facebook, Twitter and on other websites then go for SEO and PPC training that will be enough for you. more more visit or institute or call me at 8930 888 666 any time.

  2. How much time will it take to clear the Digital Marketing Course at your Laxmi Nagar Institute? Please reply sir I need regular classes. I have done my B. Tech last year in mechanical, Is it fine for me or not please suggest. I am waiting your response Sir.

    1. Hello Partima, Thanks for approaching us. if you will attend regular classes then it will take 3 months and if you will for week end classes then will take up to 6 months. Your another question that you have done B. Tech in Mechanical then there is no issue whether you have done MBA or B. Tech in any stream, it is an extra skill you will get and you will be preferred on others when you will go for job. Any company can appoint you as a multi skill officer, you can handle multiple position in your company and you may a very responsible person for your organization.

  3. The best results from Search Engine Optimization are rarely achieved these days. Black hat SEO techniques are the tricks used to fool the search engines in order to get more and more more traffic to websites. Site owners who knowingly or unknowingly utilize black hat techniques of Search Engine Optimization are more vulnerable to changes in search engine algorithms and web application being banned. Most digital marketing training books on the subject of SEO are best searched and viewed as a vehicle to help the SEO beginner understand the process of SEO. This is because the strategy behind Search Engine Optimization are not so easy. They are much informative and most of the webmasters are involved in SEO and using it. black hat White hat SEO are two opposing views of how to get the top ranking on search engine. In a nutshell, SEO are techniques that aim to boom the position or rank of a web application in the listings produced by Google and other search engines. The benefits of SEO are almost unlimited. Watch out for SEO Tools, techniques and software that is out of date and totally useless. Always research on SEO software before you buy it because the Google’s Algorithms are constantly changing thereby to improve their search results to provide the most relevant and effective results for their targeted users. This page contain much useful information about Digital Marketing course not only in Delhi but also for the whole world

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