How to Add Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

  1. Open google and search there google sitemap generator there are several sitemap generating websites online.
  2. Generate your website sitemap here also keep the frequency on daily basis, it means if you will select the frequency daily google crawler will crawl your website daily. and download the sitemap in XML format.
  3. Login in your website control panel consulting with your programmer and upload the sitemap on your server here and remember the path of the sitemap where you have uploaded it.
  4. Login in your webmaster tool and in the left menu there will be link Crawl then go to sitemaps and on right side there will be a red button printed on it add sitemap paste here the path of the sitemap file. and then submit, you will see your website has been added successfully to google webmaster tool and how many URLs are there in your sitemap it will show and indexed status will be pending right now because google will crawl your website in with in 24 to 36 hours and it will crawl how many pages in your website there.

For more Information watch our video on XML Sitemap Video No. # 3


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2 Comments on “How to Add Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

  1. I have my news website and I want to crawl my website on regular basis please suggest what is the right procedure so that google crawler crawl my website immediately. Please guide if there is any fast method for indexing

    1. Google News aims to gather all the world’s news and make it more accessible to readers, while providing the best possible results for those seeking useful and timely news information. Google ability to meet these prospects depends on the websites it include in Google News. Google gives a special value to news website. Google spider is always very hungry for the unique content, so if you are a regular writer of news article then follow the below given instructions. what to and what not to do for google crawler.
      Google neglect the below given topics in Google News:
      Job postings 
      Real estate listings
      How-to articles 
      Advice columns 
      Strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data 
      Different content types Google include in News
      Share original content and restrict Google access to aggregated articles via a robots.txt file.
      Write down the author biographies and clearly accessible contact information, such as phone numbers, email and physical addresses
      Limit ads.
      Google News module uses a computerized algorithm to automatically crawl news websites. To help its system determine which of your news webpages are articles, make sure your site follows Google News technical guidelines.
      we advise that you should submit a Google News Sitemap through Webmaster tool after your site has been reviewed and approved Google team. Follow the Google News Sitemap Rules

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