16 Google On Page SEO Activities

There are many of us who are simply starting to blog and many more that have run their own web site for a short while, that don’t grasp what SEO is and the way to implement it!
SEO merely stands for search engine optimisation. this is often wherever you construct your websites and implement certain techniques to assist you rank as high as potential on search engine result pages (SERPs). the upper your pages will rank on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc. results pages, the a lot of traffic your web site is probably going to induce.


On page SEO Technics
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Now, SEO may be break up into 2 separate categories; On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.
On-Page SEO refers to all the items that you simply will do ON your web site to assist you rank higher, like page titles, meta tags, internal linking & descriptions, etc. Below is the complete guideline for On Page SEO Activities, go through them and implement on your web pages definitely got the higher rank in all major search engines.

There are 16  Google On Page SEO Techniques  given below step by step for higher Ranking :

1. Page Optimization Fast and optimized pages result in higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. recommend keeping pages underneath 50kb and pages higher than 400kb might not be absolutely indexed within the search engines.

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2. Text Instructions: A minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1500 words is best in any article or post. Your text must contain your main keyword in the first line and last paragraph of the page. On the bottom of the every page you must tell the visitor to go to Home page, portfolio, previous post and contact us. You must display the related posts or services on right, left or bottom of the web pages.

3. Alt tag: Alternative text (the alt attribute) describes your pictures and may be an quality in your search engine rankings in each the universal searches as well as image searches. Check the pictures on your web site and ensure effective alt text is specified for every image.

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4. Flash Pages There should be no flash content on the pages because it always lack SEO. If you have flash text on your website then check whether it is mobile friendly or not?

5. Frames: Avoid frames on your pages.

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6. Code and Text Ratio: The Code to Text Ratio shows the percentage of actual text in a web page. 0-10 % – Consider you need more content or revamping your code. 11-30 % – Content is moderate, always improve the text quality of your page. 31+ % – Generally good, no need to overdo it.

7 Heading Tags: Before going to analyse your website you must check your website’s web pages whether they contain heading tags  H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 or not if yes then its fine, otherwise you must include these tags in your on page search engine optimization strategy. Although it is not necessary to add all the 6 tags from H1 to H6, it is generally sound till H3 to H4.

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8. Fevicon: Use a A custom favicon. It is helpful as a result of it tells people regarding your web site. it’s your brand. A custom favicon helps you sell your web site and also the info you give.

9. Language: You must specified the language of your website.

10. Page Load Time: Your website load time should be very low. Higher the page load time, higher the bounce rate. So keep in mind that your web pages are taking very little time to load.

11. CSS and Java Script:  Avoid CSS and Java Script as much as you can, Google crawler crawls more and more pages of the websites which have lesser combination of CSS and Java Script.

12 Meta Title: Your Website title tag must contain less than 60 characters because Most search engines use a maximum of 60 chars for the title. A title tag tells both the user and search engines what the your web about is. A title tag must be in the head section of your web page and each page should have an unique title tag.


Google On page SEO activities
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Every search engine when it filter its data and display the results shows the page title in its search results. We can say we should include our web page main feature in its title tag, words in the search results are bolded if they appear in the user’s search. It can help users if it contain the relevant data on this page. The title of your website can display your website name or the other internal page important points like your physical location or any other important information.

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13. Meta Description: Your web pages meta description should be in between 150 to 180 characters because Most search engines use a maximum of 160 chars for the description. It will be better if you have around 160 characters in your meta description.

14. Keyword Matching: There should be a combination of 7 to 8 relevant meta keywords. Your web pages should contain the combinations of these keywords.

15. Internal Linking: Processing Re-write Suggestions Done (Unique Article) People usually suppose that the only links that count are those from alternative websites. whereas these links are necessary, these aren’t the only important links! Placing links to your other blog or web site pages, may be a good way of up your website and used properly, internal links can be a helpful weapon in your SEO arsenal. Not only will it build it a lot of easier for your visitors to navigate around your website and realize all of your content, however it also ensures that your website gets properly crawled permitting the search engines to seek out all of your pages. It also helps to make the relevancy of a page to relevant keywords and phrases, while also serving to to extend the Google Page Rank of your pages.

16. URL Structure: Your web page URL structure should be clear, it must contain the post name avoid session IDs. for example http://www.seotrainingdelhi.co.in/seo-tips/how-to-find-keywords-for-seo/ its the search engine friendly URL as compared to http://www.seotrainingdelhi.co.in/blog/session?id=123. so use the SEO friendly or search engine friendly URLs.


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  1. Really good information, I truly appreciate your work, keep up this fine work and keep inspiring us. These are the totally result oriented points by which our website got boom in Google Search

  2. Very information and article i have got it Nice information in your website , Please Can You Send Me what are the main Off page Activities and how these work. And also describe what is the roll of Off Page SEO in online Google ranking

  3. Hi Rakesh
    I read many blogs regularly from a long time, but today I have a question in my mind that which format of website is accurate for promotion, should I go with a simple HTML static website, dynamic website in core PHP or with WordPress. Most people recommend WordPress , they say the WordPress is the best on page tool. Here at WordPress there is everything that is required in a on page activity. Please suggest which one is better

    1. WordPress is the best solution for all on page activities. Because you can install or uninstall any plugin any time when you required there. I also use WordPress CMS for my house lifting website . I will recommend WordPress for promotion

  4. Really good list of on page seo activities. I have implemented it on my website as well, It is ranking much better then the older one. You have displayed it like a best on page seo tutorial for beginners as well.

  5. Thanks Rakesh Sir,
    I really appreciate your work, you have already posted so many useful articles on your website and this one is much more informative. I had been left many on page tricks on my website that I have implemented now after reading your blog. you have given best on page seo techniques in this post. Thanks again

  6. Hi Rakesh,
    I have updated on of my plugin in my WordPress website http://www.kdbuildinglifting.com and after that when I saw my website on Google in the next morning. It has been gone from Google search. on “House Lifting Services in Chennai” keyword it was on Google first page, I am in big trouble please reply as soon as possible, what to do?

    1. I don’t think because of any plugin update website has been removed from google search. Open your website on any browser and then press CTRL + U (check source code). search there, is there any “nofollow”,”no follow”, “no index” “noindex” on your URL, It means if there is no index tag on your web link then search engine will never crawl your that particular link. Check it.

    1. Preeti
      uninstall that plugin or if you have backup of your website then please restore the backup as soon as possible. You can install that plugin after uninstalling. It may work for your website. I also check your website that there is nofollo or noindex tag in your link. Try this one and reply

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