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We use advanced and latest techniques to build reliable and secure websites. Galaxy e Mind develop websites, database driven sites, web applications and mend existing websites.

Website Designing and Development Services

  • CMS Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Magento Commerce
  • Online Portal Development
  • Custom Application
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Social Networking Websites


CMS Development

Content management system (CMS) is incontrovertibly the best feasible way to manage a website’s content.

By using CMS, a website’s content can be accessed anytime from anywhere. With help of it, content can be easily reviewed, deleted, edited or published. Generally, maximum people face various intricacies in keeping a track of what text is being modified, deleted or added. However, this complicated task can be simplified through content management system. CMS provide facility to users to update imperative data in a methodical way through its dynamic behaviour.

Web Experts Online is a team of skilled professionals providing custom CMS development solutions at lowest prices. To meet our clients’ different needs, we offer tailor-made services.

Custom Application Development


Nowadays, it is imperative to remain competitive in market. Custom application development has ability to arrange completely scarce IT resources into business revenue models and it gives flexibility of building applications according to business requirements.

Custom web applications that are created by using MySQL and PHP can bring positive outcomes at reasonable cost.

Since large period of time, Web Experts Online has been consistently developing stylish custom made websites for several business purposes. Our team of committed professionals is well-versed with advanced technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML5, VB.NET, Oracle, MySQL and Linux. We believe in providing customized web applications and innovative solutions in order to simplify both B2C and B2B interactions. We emphasize on web 2.0 solutions and support our clients in attaining business goals. Our custom development service has been specifically designed to enhance effectiveness of your business. Galaxy e Mind application development encompasses development of portal frameworks and open source applications. We value your money and ensure that we manage, develop, design and maintain your custom applications without disturbing your pocket.

WordPress Theme development

It is indubitably true that WordPress has emerged as the most superlative content management system (CMS) which has been frequently used by large number of businesses across the globe.

It is an open-source, flexible and prominent content management system which plays a pivotal role in creating websites and blogs. Up till managing, publishing and creation of content is concerned, WordPress is the most affordable resource. It has become the first preference of large number of website owners. When WordPress comes, themes have their own significance.

Themes can modify overall look of a WordPress site and determine what exactly a website comprises. Usually, all WordPress themes encompass various files such as style.css and index.php. Furthermore, themes also have copious images and style sheets. We are master in development of WordPress websites so if you are looking for WordPress developers in Delhi then you are most welcome at Galaxy e Mind.
Besides providing user-friendly and appropriate themes for your WordPress site, we also suggest you to choose optimal themes. Our experts have large competency and experience in WordPress theme development.

Custom Plugin Development

WordPress plugins are extremely powerful as these have ability to amend or improve your online presence. These plugins add essential features and functionalists to WordPress sites and blogs.

Are you searching for a custom plugin for your WordPress powered website? Web Experts Online are specialized in creating custom developed WordPress plugins.

Client satisfaction is our prime goal and we work with clients to design, plan and develop custom plugin as per their business needs. So far, we have successfully created unique plugins for customers having different requirements.

An utmost benefit of hiring us is that we take less time to create perfect plugins as compared to other companies. We develop plugins that are easily uable.

Magento Ecommerce

Magento is most widely used ecommerce software which is extremely handy in creating ecommerce websites.

At present, it has become the first preference of e commerce businesses. This open source software program enables businesses to retain existing clients and attract new ones. Using Magento is a perfect way to expand business over internet.

Our Magento developers have excellent work experience and comprehensive knowledge about eye-catching and business generating Magento e commerce websites. They will provide you best Magento e commerce solutions and consequently, your clients will acquire several ways to search for products. We have well experienced team of Magento developers in Delhi.

Online Portal Development

Usually, portal system is a superlative interface for users as it enables them to access various services and resources such as emails, corporate databases and online applications.

Web portal systems we provide will give you an opportunity to manage interaction, content and information with clients and colleagues.

Our prime goal is to provide customized portal solutions on timely basis. We comprehend requirements of clients and develop several types of portals according to it. We specialize in intranet portal, e commerce portal, online travel portal, knowledge portal development, recruitment website, real estate website and social networking site.

Our web portal applications aid small and medium size business to manage content, perform business transactions, collect information online and streamline their workflow. So far, our clients have successfully improved their overall business operations and eradicate redundancies.


Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites are incontrovertibly an excellent way to interact with others in virtual world. Maximum individuals and businesses are using social networking websites these days.

These websites give an opportunity to share ideas, information, interests, events and activities. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most prominent websites which have millions of users across the globe.

At Web Experts Online, we assist businesses to establish an online community to connect, build relations and meet business partners and professionals. With our proven track record, we have successfully become a reputable name in field of Social network design and development. We help entrepreneurs to stay connected with niche market and potential clients for protracted period of time. We use optimal strategies to provide inimitable social networking solutions to our clients.


Website Redesign Services

E commerce Redesigning

It is seriously very important to keep your e-Commerce portal updated with latest technologies trends due to the ever budding Internet and swelling online traffic. Therefore, the competition between several e-Commerce websites has become very powerful. In such condition it has become really very necessary for an E-commerce store to be extra pleasing, to appeal customers and increase sales and revenue. For these many of the online businesses are choosing to go for E-commerce website redesigning. It is a proven fact that old designs stand nowhere in front of an online store which is updated, attractive and easily navigable. When a customer visits your e-Commerce store, you have very very little time to impress them before they decide to leave you site and go to your competitor site. Since many years, e-Commerce websites have adapted to become more SEO friendly, so by redesigning your e-Commerce you can have a better site structure supporting your products. Galaxy e Mind redesign experts can propose ideas that will not only help you to increase sales and customer base, but also will help you to stay one step ahead compared to your competitors.

Redesign for lead generation

Here at Galaxy e Mind, we have a team of professional designers, who have high expertise on redesigning website or online store. Our designer are high committed and are up-to-date with the latest technology updates, which helps them to create attractive and modern design for your online business. Our designs also helps in lead generation because we create website designs that are relevant to the market which your targeting and thus helps to appeal target customers. We continuously work to redesign your website in such a way, that your business gets a professional image corresponding to your brand and business identity.

Improve Look and Feel

We understand that a good website design has to meet many expectations mainly of your users. Our design will translate the features of your website into a visual interface, which gives your users an experience like never before. Our designs are appealing, usable and at the same time it’s aesthetic to grab the attention of your customers.

Face lift of Website

We will redesign your website to latest technology that is trending in the market along with pleasing colors that are eye soothing, makes your online store easy to navigate and also improve its loading time. Our redesign process will give your website a completely new look that will give you a competitive edge compare to your opponents.

Website Maintenance and Support Services

Our website maintenance and web support system can provide you with ongoing,affordable and reliable website solutions, delivered in a timely and professional manner.

It does not matter weather you’re a small, home-based business or a larger, corporate or government organisation, we can respond to your requirements and provide you with the support you need.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance can be used for simple website updates such as changing text or images on a web page, right up to more comprehensive website maintenance such as new pages or new functionality for your website.

Galaxy e Mind can also help with website maintenance services, such as photo editing, page development, dynamic look of web pages, custom categories and sub categories, calculators and more. Our competitive website maintenance pricing includes generous discounts for large monthly work volumes.

Why choose us?

Galaxy e Mind deliver your project on time, on budget and with exceptional customer service. No project is too small and there’s no such thing as a silly question. Our core values indicates who we are and how we work.

Keep your website fresh and relevant

Website maintenance is an important part of managing your website. Having a website that is not up to date is just as bad as having no website at all, so it’s important to make sure that you try to keep your website’s content up-to-date. Galaxy e Mind website maintenance service provides you with easy, cost effective solutions.

Website maintenance services

Seen something on the internet you think visitors to your website could benefit from? Galaxy e Mind can add new features to your website such as photo galleries, banners, forms, social media plug-ins and more. Check out our a few examples of website maintenance services on our portfolio page.

Website updates

Visitors to your website want to see the latest information about your products and services, so it’s important that your website’s content is up-to-date. Whenever you feel there are some changes occur in your business in your daily routine, they should also be reflected on your website as well, as visitors often go through a company’s website first before taking further action about products or services. Galaxy e Mind website maintenance service makes it easy to keep your website current. Read more about website updates.

Website maintenance pricing

Keeping costs down is important. That’s why we’ve created a cost effective approach for managing your website maintenance needs. Read about Galaxy e Mind website maintenance pricing, as well as our service level agreement and after hours service.

How do I find out more?

For inquiry about what specific changes to your website might cost, feel free to request a website maintenance quote.

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  1. I need a dynamic website for my property business. please provide the quote for the same. I want to create categories like sale, rent, purchase, lease and some more. I want to list the properties of local areas. During this anyone can post his property and apply as well o buy or sale his property. I need 4 to 5 images upload of every property. Please suggest the cost of it. Also send your executive at our Laxmi Nagar Office New Delhi

    1. As I go through your website I found it is developed in WordPress, your website is already a good website it has much traffic as per your keyword research so you have no need to replace your this website to anything else. Keep continue with WordPress which is best solution currently, It is highly SEO Friendly platform these days. It is ranking fine on many keywords.

  2. We need a e commerce website for our CCTV Camera business. Which CMS technology is better. We think for OpenCart, what do you suggest. please reply.

  3. What are the Magento Website Development Cost. We need to develop a e commerce website for our garment business in Dwarka New Delhi, India

  4. I need PIN Code plugin in my shopping website. what are your charges to implement that in our web portal and how much will it take to develop?. send quotes on my email ID.

    1. Send the URL of your website please and actually it depends upon your website work for which country you need this PIN Code plugin. Generally it cost approx $20 to $40.

  5. Have you designed any MLM website if yes then show me sample. we want to create a Multi Level Marketing website in Delhi. We need it in .NET technology. If you can design send the sample and quote for the same. There will be a calculation part that as well so keep in mind that we need calculation part in our website so we can calculate the payout our team members and users. Every month we will display rewards on website. What will be the total cost and time of the completion.
    Anand Parjapati
    Rohini New Delhi

    1. Dear Sir,
      Thanks for approaching us, detail has been sent to your email Id. Please check and reply. If possible please send your contact number so that we can communicate better

  6. I need a CMS website for my company please what are your charges. I need my website in WordPress technology. It must have at least 10 to 12 web pages. There should be portfolio link in which we can upload our clients detail with logo and there profile and query should be targeted on my company email. please reply we need it urgent

    1. Dear Nitin Thakur Sir,
      Thanks for reaching us, first of all I like to tell you that if you choose a free theme from WordPress store then it will cost around Rs. 7000 to Rs. 8000 otherwise for premium themes your costing will depend on your design. I have already sent you some sample designs, there are lot of free WP themes from where you can choose and that are also attractive designs.

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